DWD Green Swamp - Relay
Dade City, FL
February 13, 2010
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Place Name Bib Time Pace Sex Age City County
3,Our Old Guy Is Faste636:46:10.58:07F0
4,That's What She Said727:00:36.58:25F0
5,We Clean Between Our767:07:25.98:33F0
6,I Have Mud In My Pan577:22:54.48:51F0
7,Pop's And The Keefe'647:42:06.09:15F0
8,Primarily Plant Pant657:52:08.19:27F0
9,Ross Is A Sissy697:52:15.79:27F0
10,Looking For A Hill588:03:21.39:40F0
12,Mud Wiser618:15:58.29:55F0
13,Drinking Team With R558:22:01.310:02F0
14,A-1 Septic508:22:13.310:03F0
15,Off Constantly628:24:20.010:05F0
17,That's Gonna Leave A718:29:45.710:12F0
18,Do You Hear Banjos?548:30:35.710:13F0
19,Quickstep Quintet668:33:11.710:16F0
20,Team Osb708:39:15.110:23F0
21,Dirty Rotten Scoundr538:52:43.610:39F0
22,Running On Empty688:52:43.710:39F0
23,The Heartbreakers **739:21:46.611:14F0
24,Couch Taters529:42:25.711:39F0
25,Lrc Old Farts599:45:54.811:43F0
26,Grass Kickers569:46:40.711:44F0